Hamisa Mobetto’s mother blasts Zari over Diamond and Hamisa’s Scandal

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Scandal that trending on social networks that touches popular Bongo Model, Hamisa Mobeto allegedly tattooing 'Tatuu' of Bongo flavour, Nassibu Abdul 'Diamond Platnumz' that resulted his lover, Zarinah Hassan 'Zari The Boss Lady' to insult Hamisa Mobetto.

After that being happened, Hamisa's mother of Mobeto has decided to repay back to Zari foam on her daughter. Speaking to this blog bitterly when asked about that issue of her daughter, Hamisa's mother said that, there is no such a hard time to see her daughter being attacked badly each time in social networks where sometimes it is not really.

"Oh, I as a parent, I do not think there is any parent who can bear to see her daughter every time being on the lips of the people or the wrong alternatives to social networks for the things that she did not," said Mobetto's mother Mobeto. She said that information that is widespread that she has a tattoo of Diamond, these are things that do not have any basis that are there for humiliating his daughter.

"You know when you see Hamisa (Mobeto) has remained silent, always looking for declaring her a bad thing, something is wrong, I've never seen a tattoo of Diamond, Obviously I do not like to see this issue," said Mobeto's Mother.

Recently Zari through various social networks used to insult Hamisa Mobetto for alleging her for sleeping wit Diamond Platnumz secretly when she is in South Africa.

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